Sanskrit business Names

Sanskrit business Names

Sanskrit business names are the Sanghata and their Meanings in the order in which they appear in the sutra. Most Sanskrit names are highly meaningful, and the following glossary is designed to introduce readers to some of those meanings.

It also gives the Sanskrit names in proper diacritics, as well as a link to audio files with each name pronounced by a traditionally Indian pandit of Sanskrit. There are many Sanskrit names that are formed by combining two words in a compound. In Sanskrit, compounds frequently leeway in interpreting the relationship of the two terms. For example, the name Sarva-shúra is made of the words Sarva (all/everything/everyone) and śūra (hero/heroic/courageous) and can mean ‘courageous regarding everything and the Sanskrit language itself does not rule out any of these possibilities.

The use of compounds is intensive in Sanskrit poetry, giving it a richness that makes it particularly difficult to translate. This translation into English leaves the names in their original Sanskrit.

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