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Methods of choosing the best brand name for your startup

Nov 07, 2023

Selecting a brand name to process with your life career is a greatest challenge you met at the very first beginning of a new startup.

People use the following to get help.

  1. Brand name generators

  2. Brand name reselling sites

Brand name generators 

This is a widely used method as you can easily find a site that provides the service for free to get the satisfied name idea.

There are many sites that you can use to generate your brand name.

But do you know that this is a way that is not too trustworthy when regarding the quality of the name suggestions? Then why do people still go for those sites? Let’s clarify the problems and reasons by referring to the pros and cons separately.

First, let’s look into the pros of using this kind of service.

  1. It is a way too easy
  2. The price is less

Here are the cons.

  1. Most of the names are against the brand name qualities.

  2. There is no description of the qualities of a brand name suggestion to get a clear idea.

  3. It provides the same list for many people.

  4. Gives name suggestions with expired and old naming strategies

Reselling sites

Brand name reselling is a business field arrived with the necessity of a competitive name idea for a new company. Because of the entry of thousands of entrepreneurs in this era.

Most of the people pretend to purchase rather than making their creativity arise. The side of the disadvantage is greater than the plus points of using this method.


  1. Quick method

  2. The process is very easy as the brands are readymade


  1. Almost all the reselling sites present very expensive prices. 

  2. There is no site that provides a full explanation of the brand names they have kept forward for selling.

  3. For the beginners, this is not a recommended way as the capital expenditure will increase unbearably

  4. Some brands are not suitable for the modern-day market but even though those are at a higher price.

With the clearance of the facts done above now you must realize that purchasing the name of others creations is a risky task. We highly recommend that you must start with a stable brand name for the goodwill of your company.

We have introduced the one and only way for that understanding of all the difficulties you felt when selecting a brand for your company. The evaluation tool we introduced is the worlds’ best evaluation tool where you can get resolved all your branding problems.

Brinso Evaluation Tool 

Here comes the solution for all your worries regarding the super brand name matching for your business and when looking into the plus points and weaknesses within your brand name.

It is true that you can get the same service from a brand name consultant. But why expend much on that when you can do it totally for free now? Look at the performances of the Brinso brand name evaluation tool.

  1. It is a completely free service.

  2. It generates

  3.  a full report on the matches and mismatches of your brand name idea with the super brand name qualities.

  4. The tool only will recommend super brand names ( the brand names that have a vocabulary score of 8 or above 8)

  5. It saves you time.

  6. The service is just like the one you get from a hired brand name consultant.

  7. The tool is a combination of many other services. ( checking the availability of your domain, searching for negative connotations in any other languages, The pronounceable ability, and memorability, etc.)

Therefore it is our thorough advice, Whether you select it from anywhere don’t forget to evaluate it. Because it is the last chance you get to resolve all the mistakes and create a super brand.

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