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Some Really Funny Boat Names for you to use

Nov 07, 2023

It’s hard to come up with names. That’s not hyperbole at all, instead, it’s a fact that numerous people experience in most of their lives.

Everything must have a name because most people consider it a tradition. Take, for instance, boats for which sailors used unique names for thousands of years ago.

They did it in the name of gods so that their voyage would be safe and lucky against the immense dangers of the sea. Such thoughts aren’t universal at the moment, which highlights why many sailors now choose to have funny boat names instead.

These have their appeal in their own right to the owners and sailors who use them. However, it’s better to have some really helpful suggestions, which is what this text is trying to achieve.

Unsinkable [Insert Any Number You Want to]

This one’s a classic mainly because it makes fun of the oldest tropes of boat naming in general. When sailors and boat owners used to name their boats as something hilarious as ‘unsinkable’, it’s because of the fact that any boat may sink due to any calamity whatsoever.

But, the genius, in this case, remains with the fact that the term ‘unsinkable’ followed by a number indicates that there have been so many other boats carrying the same name but preceding numbers to any extent.

However, you can be creative by even including mathematical formulas instead of just digits of numbers. It’ll showcase a very humorous side of you to people who you may encounter during all your seafaring.

Usain Boat

What if you’re really proud of your boat and its speed? Or, what if you’ve got a yacht that has an incredible speed? Clearly, among the great yacht name ideas, ‘Usain Boat’ is pure pun-filled magic, which also gives you great legitimacy in the eyes of your peers.

In reality, your boat might not be the fastest vessel on the water, but it doesn’t hurt that puns always appeal to a large section of the audience.

Moreover, it’s also great for business as people will most certainly remember the name. So, when they’re thinking about hiring one, this is what that shall first come to their minds.

Error 404: Fish Not Found

Are you interested in boating purely to acquire a fishing experience? Then, this name shall most definitely appeal to your senses. Clearly, there’s a lot going on in it, and your competitors will be thrown off by the message.

It might also reflect if you’re in a competition of sorts, as it’ll keep sending mixed messages consistently.

So, these are some funny boat name ideas that’ll surely appeal to your humorous side. It’s apparent that going on a boat is very fun, which increases greatly when people are ‘on the fun’ itself!

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